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Photo by Nick Suttle

GAREK's second release, an Industrial cover of Katy Perry’s #1 hit “E.T.”, also piqued the ears of listeners. DJ Larry Flick of Sirius XM Radio says,


"It takes enormous courage to take on a recent hit by another artist and reconstruct it. Garek has that courage.

His interpretation is not just appealing, it’s bold and

daring. He provides depth and intensity to the lyric and melody that was absent in the original. This track is the 

perfect gate into a new artist destined to be important

and hugely successful."

Capture from the 'Stray' Music Video

-directed by Richard Gerst

GAREK is a New York based singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Wisconsin, he made the transition to New York in 2010. Fusing Industrial Rock (a la Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Garbage) with haunting melodies and explosive choruses, GAREK creates a distinct sonic landscape. 


GAREK’s first single “Save The Queen” debuted at #5 on the DRT Indie Rock Chart in the U.S. and #11 on the European chart. London’s EQ Music hailed him as “a deity of Industrial-Electro mastery” while Australia’s DNA Magazine says, “He’s ready to rule the world!” MTV’s LOGO (NewNowNext) says, “for all [his] influences, there’s something distinctive about what Garek is doing.”

Photo by Jason Fitzgerald 

In September, 2014, GAREK proved his influence extends beyond music as he made his UK debut for the Champagne-inspired jeweler ‘Wearing Memories’ at London Fashion Week. Guests of the sold-out show were treated to a spectacle blending GAREK’s Industrial stylings with ‘Wearing Memories’ classic appeal. Models strutted down the catwalk in black morph suits to GAREK’s “Save The Queen” before GAREK himself closed the show. 


Fast forward to September 23rd, 2016. GAREK releases his first full length album 'TAKE the KING'

Stay Tuned...


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